Myth 1: CCTV is Not Effective 

CCTV systems have been shown to be effective in deterring crime. Statistics show that having a CCTV system in place can significantly reduce the chances of being targeted.

Myth 2: Only Rich People Need CCTV Cameras 

With the affordability of modern systems, CCTV cameras are no longer a luxury item. They are a practical security measure that can be used by anyone interested in enhancing the security of their property.

It’s a misconception that CCTV is purely used to deter criminals and spot misdemeanors. It’s also used to help monitor live events, train for future situations, and even help monitor elderly or infirm people.

Myth 3: CCTV Is Only Used For Crime Prevention 

The cost of CCTV systems has significantly decreased with technological advancements. Today, a wide range of affordable options are available, making CCTV systems accessible to a wider range of people.

Myth 4: CCTV Costs Too Much 

Myth 5: You Can Get a Friend to Install It Cheaply

Having a non-professional install your CCTV system might seem cost-effective, but it can lead to issues like improper setup. It’s best to hire a professional for a secure and compliant installation. 

Myth 6: All CCTV Cameras Are The Same 

CCTV cameras vary greatly in terms of their capabilities and features. Factors such as image sensor quality, infrared LEDs, and materials used can greatly affect the camera’s performance.

Many people believe that CCTV systems are more suited for tech-savvy people. However, as long as you are familiar with using a smartphone, accessing the CCTV footage to monitor your property won’t be much of an issue.

Myth 7: CCTV Systems Are Too Complicated To Use 

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