Myth 1: MacBooks Don’t Get Viruses 

While MacBooks are less susceptible to viruses than other computers, they are not immune. It’s important to use good security practices on any device. 

Myth 2: MacBooks Are Overpriced 

While MacBooks can be expensive, they also offer high build quality, great customer service, and a seamless user experience that many users find to be worth the cost. 

While MacBooks aren’t traditionally known for gaming, many popular games are compatible with MacOS, and the performance can be quite good, especially on higher-end models. 

Myth 3: You Can’t Game on a MacBook 

With Apple’s Boot Camp utility or virtualization software like Parallels, you can run Windows on your MacBook alongside MacOS. 

Myth 4: MacBooks Can’t Run Windows 

Myth 5: MacBooks Are Difficult to Repair 

While it’s true that MacBooks are not as easy to repair as some other devices, Apple offers extensive repair services, and there are many third-party service providers as well. 

Myth 6: MacBooks Are Not Compatible with Other Devices 

MacBooks actually have great compatibility with many devices, and with the right software or adapter, they can connect with almost any peripheral or device. 

Apple offers a range of MacBook models, each with its own strengths and suited to different types of users. From the lightweight MacBook Air to the powerful MacBook Pro, there’s a MacBook for everyone. 

Myth 7: All MacBooks Are the Same