Myth 1: iPhones Are Only for the Wealthy

While iPhones can be expensive, there are models available like iPhone SE, making them accessible to a wider range of consumers. You can even get a second hand iPhone at a lower price.

Myth 2: iPhones Slow Down Over Time

Some users believe that iPhones intentionally slow down over time. While older models may not run new software as smoothly, Apple has stated this is due to battery health, not a deliberate attempt to slow down devices.

Myth 3: The Apple Ecosystem Trap

Some people believe that once you start using an iPhone, you're trapped in the Apple ecosystem. While Apple devices do work well together, you can use an iPhone with other platforms and services.

iPhones do allow third-party apps via the App Store, and while Apple's review process is stringent, no platform is completely immune to security risks.

Myth 4: iPhones Are More Secure Because They Don’t Allow Third-Party App

Apple does not have access to the facial or fingerprint data collected by Touch ID or Face ID. This data never leaves the device and is never sent to Apple.

Myth 5: Apple Is Stealing Your Data with Touch ID and Face ID

Myth 6: Generic Chargers Will Spoil Your iPhone

While it's always best to use Apple-certified chargers for safety reasons, using a non-Apple charger sometimes does not necessarily spoil your iPhone.

While iPhones often have excellent cameras, the “best” camera can be subjective and depends on specific user needs and preferences. For instance, Google Pixel, and OnePlus aslo has exelent cameras!

Myth 7: iPhones Always Have the Best Camera

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