Will Xiaomi 14 Ultra Rock as A Pocket DSLR with a Photo Kit?

Xiaomi has consistently pushed boundaries by launching new features at a lower price and targeting the other brands. Their latest offering, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, is no exception.

With its promise of professional-grade photography and innovative features, this flagship device aims to redefine mobile imaging.

But can it truly serve as a pocket-sized DSLR? Let’s dig into the posibilities.

What Makes The Xiaomi 14 Ultra Special? A Brief Overview

Xiaomi 14 ULTRA
(Image- Xiaomi)

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra made its global debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, signaling Xiaomi’s intent to compete in the premium smartphone segment.

Unlike its predecessors, this device doesn’t merely cater to budget-conscious consumers.

Instead, it targets photography enthusiasts, content creators, and anyone seeking top-tier performance.

Here are the Specs That Matter

  1. Design and Build: The Xiaomi 14 Ultra boasts a sleek, minimalist design with a vegan leather finish. Available in Black and White, it exudes elegance and sophistication. The leather case, included in the Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit, adds both style and functionality.
  2. Display: A 6.73-inch 2K LTPO OLED display graces the front, offering vibrant colors and a buttery-smooth 120Hz refresh rate. Whether you’re composing shots or binge-watching your favorite series, this screen won’t disappoint.
  3. Processing Power: Under the hood, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset teams up with a whopping 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 512GB of UFS 4.0 storage. Multitasking, gaming, and photo editing become seamless experiences.
  4. Camera Setup: Here’s where the magic happens. The Xiaomi 14 Ultra features a quad-camera system developed in collaboration with German optics giant Leica. The 50MP Sony LYT900 main camera, 3.2x telephoto sensor, 5x telephoto lens, and ultrawide snapper promise exceptional versatility. Expect stunning low-light performance, crisp details, and vivid colors.

If you see the specs for the first time, you may think what’s special?

The world has already seen quad-cameras, flagship CPU, and 120Hz display, but the Photography Kit makes Xiaomi 14 ultra special.

Now, let’s talk about the Photography Kit!

How Xiaomi’s Photography Kit Transforming the 14 Ultra into a DSLR?


(Images- Xiaomi)

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit is a comprehensive accessory package designed to transform your Xiaomi 14 Ultra into a more powerful and versatile mobile photography companion.

Let’s delve into its components and how they work together to elevate your shooting experience.

a. Premium Protection and Enhanced Grip:

The kit boasts a stylish and practical leather case for your Xiaomi 14 Ultra. This case is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers superior protection against scratches, dirt, and bacteria, thanks to its high-quality materials.

The centerpiece of the kit is the photography grip. This grip seamlessly attaches to the Xiaomi 14 Ultra leather case, providing a secure and comfortable hold for your phone.

This improved stability is crucial for capturing sharp photos and steady videos, especially when shooting one-handed or at awkward angles. Additionally, the grip automatically pairs with your phone via a Type-C port, ensuring a lag-free connection for optimal control.

b. Extended Battery Life for Uninterrupted Shooting:

The photography grip isn’t just about ergonomics; it also packs a hidden punch. Integrated within the grip is a secondary battery that automatically charges your Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

This translates to a significant boost in battery life, extending your shooting sessions by an impressive 23%. No more worries about your phone dying midt-capture with this handy power bank functionality.

Furthermore, the grip itself can be charged using a Xiaomi 90W or higher power adapter (not included in the kit). This ensures that both the grip and your phone stay powered up for extended creative endeavors.

c. A Touch of Personalization:

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit caters not just to functionality but also to aesthetics. Included in the package is a stylish decoration ring. This ring can be easily swapped out, allowing you to personalize the look of your photography setup and add a touch of flair to your mobile photography experience.

d. Assembly and Usage:

Using the Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit is a breeze. Simply attach the photography grip to the Xiaomi 14 Ultra leather case and secure the clasp for a firm connection. The grip will automatically pair with your phone upon connection, eliminating the need for any complex setup procedures.

Once attached, you can leverage the improved grip for stable one-handed shooting or capture photos and videos from various angles. The built-in battery automatically keeps your phone charged, while the decoration ring lets you personalize the look and feel of your mobile photography setup.

Sounds cool, right?

Yes, it seems that if you get a Xiaomi 14 Ultra, you will be able to unlock the full potential of your phone’s camera system.

But the Photography Kit is a compelling accessory to consider.

Will It Rock Your World? A Cautious Optimism

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit Review!

While the 14 Ultra undoubtedly packs impressive hardware, its true potential as a “pocket DSLR” hinges on the Photography Kit’s wider availability.

The kit’s features, especially the physical controls and filter compatibility, hold immense potential for those seeking a more professional mobile photography experience.

However, the kit’s premium price raises concerns about its worth.

Let’s take a look at its ins and outs to help you make a decision:

a. Good Sides:

  1. Enhanced Photography Experience: The photography kit seems to enhance the photography experience on the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, providing accessories like sliders and interchangeable rings that allow for greater versatility in capturing shots.
  2. Quality Packaging and Accessories: The unboxing experience is highlighted as positive, with the kit being packaged nicely and including accessories like manuals, cables, and interchangeable rings.
  3. ND Filter Compatibility: The kit includes an accessory that allows for the attachment of a 67mm ND filter, which is useful for long exposure shots, demonstrating versatility for photography enthusiasts.
  4. Inclusion of a 90W Charger: Despite the high cost of the phone, the inclusion of a 90W charger is appreciated as it adds value to the purchase.
  5. Impressive Sensor Performance: The Xiaomi 14 Ultra is praised for its impressive sensor performance, with the reviewer being impressed by almost all sensors except for one.

Now, let’s see some examples and then we will talk about the cons of the device we found:

Image sample 1:


Xiaomi Photography Kit Image Sample

Image sample 2:

Image Sample- Xiaomi Photography Kit

b. Bad sides:

  1. Telephoto Lens Quality: The telephoto lens is criticized for producing images that are too sharp and harsh compared to the softer results obtained from the previous model (Xiaomi 13 Pro). This sharpness is perceived as excessive and negatively affecting the overall image quality.
  2. Marking Issue with White Version: The white version of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is noted to leave marks faster than desired, indicating a potential issue with the material or finish used on the phone.
  3. Possible Blur Inconsistencies: There are mentions of blur inconsistencies, suggesting that the blur effect may not always be accurate or satisfactory, which could impact the quality of certain shots.
  4. Limited Depth with Phone’s Sensor: The limitations of the phone’s sensor are acknowledged, particularly in capturing depth in shots. The reviewer notes that having too much in the shot can result in a lack of focus and clarity.

In summary, Xiaomi needs to address these issues to truly capitalize on the 14 Ultra’s potential as a DSLR alternative for the masses.

But despite the controversies, the photography kit has the potential to bridge the gap between smartphones and dedicated cameras.

We hope that Xiomi will try to fix the issues with software updates.

Furthermore, if you’re also intrigued by the evolution of mid-range phones, check out our insights into the leaked specs and design of the Nothing Phone 2a. Discover how these two articles intertwine, offering a comprehensive view of the dynamic landscape of mobile innovation.

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