SEA.AI & NVIDIA Steer Maritime Safety Towards a New Era

 SEA.AI, a startup based in Linz, Austria, that is using NVIDIA’s edge AI and computer vision technology to enhance maritime safety. The company was founded in 2018 and has subsidiaries in France, Portugal, and the US.

Their innovative approach leverages the power of AI and cutting-edge computer vision technology to create a virtual “sixth sense” for maritime captains that will revolutionize how we navigate the seas, making every journey safer and more efficient.

SEA.AI has developed a system that uses AI to scan the seas and detect objects, encompassing potential hazards like debris or rogue waves, as well as people in distress who might evade traditional radar detection.

SEA.AI: From Humble Beginnings to Diverse Solutions


SEA.AI’s story began with a focus on ocean racing sailboats, providing them with an AI-powered situational awareness system. However, their vision didn’t stop there. Recognizing the diverse needs within the maritime sector, they’ve developed a range of products to cater to different types of vessels.

Currently, SEA.AI offers three product lines, each designed to cater to different needs in the maritime sector.

First, the SEA.AI Sentry, which functions as a comprehensive situational awareness system, specifically targeted for commercial vessels and motor yachts. This robust system boasts features like collision avoidance, object tracking, and perimeter surveillance, providing a comprehensive safety net for larger crafts.

For bluewater sailors navigating vast stretches of open ocean, the SEA.AI Offshore offers a compelling blend of high-tech safety features and user-friendly installation. Furthermore, the SEA.AI Competition caters to the fast-paced world of racing yachts with its ultra-lightweight design and focus on reliable object detection, ensuring peak performance without compromising safety.

But how they are doing all this?

How SEA.AI is Concurring with SEA?

SEA.AI Object Tracing Demo (Image- NVIDIA)

The magic behind SEA.AI’s success lies in a powerful combination of cutting-edge technologies:

a. AI Muscle Powered by NVIDIA:

At the heart of SEA.AI’s system lies NVIDIA’s Jetson Edge AI platform. This powerhouse technology equips SEA.AI products with unparalleled processing power and efficiency. Imagine a high-performance computer specifically designed for on-board operations, capable of real-time analysis without compromising speed or accuracy. This allows for swift detection, analysis, and immediate alerts to captains, setting a new standard in maritime safety.

b. A Seeing Eye for the Seas:

SEA.AI’s system utilizes high-tech optical sensors, essentially replacing the limitations of traditional radar with a more nuanced “seeing eye.” These advanced cameras can pierce through fog and low-visibility conditions, capturing crucial details of the surrounding environment.

c. The Ocean’s Digital Encyclopedia:

The secret weapon behind SEA.AI’s object recognition capabilities is a massive and ever-growing database exceeding 9 million meticulously annotated marine objects. Think of it as a visual encyclopedia specifically trained to identify everything from rogue shipping containers to a lone life jacket bobbing in the waves. This rich data pool is constantly being updated, ensuring the AI’s ability to stay ahead of the curve and recognize even the most unexpected objects.

d. The Power of Learning:

The key to any intelligent system is its ability to learn and adapt. SEA.AI’s system continuously learns and improves by analyzing real-world data. This continuous learning process ensures the AI’s object detection accuracy remains sharp, further enhancing its effectiveness in safeguarding lives at sea.

The Future of AI in Maritime Safety

The use of AI in maritime safety is still in its nascent stages, but the potential is immense. As AI technology continues to evolve, it can help in predicting weather patterns, mapping the ocean floor, and even interpreting marine life communication. However, challenges may arise in terms of data privacy, the need for robust and reliable AI models, and the integration of AI technology with existing maritime systems.

With a growing team of over 60 and a distribution network spanning over 40 countries, SEA.AI is charting a course to ensure safer journeys on the waves. As we navigate into the future, it’s clear that AI will be at the helm, guiding us towards safer and more efficient maritime operations.

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